Philosophy IA

Topics: Philosophy, Religion, Ethics Pages: 12 (3364 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Analytical essay in Philosophy (IB Internal Assessment
Dr. VanderWilt
Philosophy 2 HL IB

IDENTIFY a relevant non-philosophical work that assists in the exploration of a major issue in Philosophy ANALYZE the non-philosophical work from ONE consistent accurately summarized and validly applied philosophical perspective in a manner consistent with a Philosophy or Philosopher EVALUATE the non-philosophical work AND the chosen philosophical perspective from a well-conceived, concise, and arguable (not asserted alone) position on a single, select philosophical issue. PERSONAL beliefs or statements of faith are not appropriate in this assignment; use language and methods appropriate to philosophy. REVIEW and ASSESS the work of at least THREE other students on this same assignment using peer review features

Assignment instructions:
Prepare an analytical essay of between 1600 and 2000 words in Philosophy This essay will be submitted to IB as your internal assessment in Philosophy HL Follow the model title page attached below. Your title page must include all this material. Your IB Candidate number is given to you by Mrs. Cunha in the IB Office. FAILURE to FOLLOW the model title page will result in a score of 0 (zero) in Category A Number each page. FAILURE to number pages will result in a score of 0 (zero) in Category A Use standard MLA references for cited material. BE SURE to use the proper format for non-book and non-article resources such as works of art, images, videos, television shows, song lyrics and so forth. FAILURE to use citations and appropriately formatted references will result in a score of 0 (zero) in Category A The essay topic must correlate to any of the following: the CORE theme in Philosophy, any of the OPTIONAL THEMES in Philosophy or any of the PRESCRIBED TEXTS in Philosophy. This correlation (“LINK TO THE SYLLABUS”) must be explicitly stated on the TITLE PAGE and followed through within the course of the essay . FAILURE to declare and follow through on the LINK TO THE SYLLABUS will result in a score of 0 (zero) in Category A Suitable material for analysis includes: novels, plays, poetry, song lyrics, films, movies, documentaries, television and radio shows, cartoons, paintings, photographs, other visual images, newspaper articles, letters, internet sites, advertisements, pamphlets, propaganda, sculpture, sacred architecture, texts or performances of religious ritual Suitable philosophical source material to frame your analysis include: any materials found in the Sheed & Ward anthology, any materials found in the Meister anthology, any ONE article found in a PEER-REVIEWED scholarly journal using an online database supplied by our library or the OC Public Library (EbscoHost, for example), or a chapter length excerpt from a book-length philosophical treatise (such as Descartes’ Meditations or Plato’s Republic) in a standard translation. ALL SOURCE MATERIAL must be appropriately cited, paraphrased and or quoted following MLA REFERENCE standards for the works used (in other words, your PHOTO must use the MLA model for referencing PHOTOS and so forth). The essay must include a bibliography and references. Attach a copy of the source material you used for the philosophical analysis. If the work is a text over 200 words, plays, films, movies scenes, television scenes, radio shows, or lengthier extracts from novels please include a 200 word summary description of the pertinent features of the work. This additional material is NOT included in the 1600-2000 word count limits. In other words, you cannot use the 200 extra words to reach the 1600 word minimum, nor will it cause you to lose points for exceeding the 2000 word maximum. YOU WILL RECEIVE a mark of 0 (zero) in CATEGORY A if your essay is fewer than 1600 words or more than 2000 words; the word count includes only the text of your essay, not the title page, bibliography, references, or 200 word...
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