Phil Critical Thinking 100

Topics: Logic, Reasoning, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: February 24, 2013
1. "Critical Thinking is another name for logic."
2. In the broadest sense, _______________, is just any matter that is in dispute, in doubt, or simply "up for Review". AN ISSUE
3. Learning how to distinguish between good and bad arguments makes one a better global citizen. True
4. Premises and conclusions are the same kind of statements. False
5. Good reasoning is always fallacious reasoning.
6. When it comes to the intelligent evaluation of arguments, ignorance is bliss. False
7. There is a saying that says, "Garbage in, Garbage out". True
8. Most accurate information comes from the well established sciences. True
9. We tend to absorb the beliefs of those around us as we mature from children into adults. True or False
10. There is no substantial difference between cogent reasoning and being right about a matter of fact. False
11. A valid argument can contain questionable premises.
12. All fallacies fall into one of the three broad categories, Questionable Premise, Supressed Evidence, and Invalid Inference. True or False
13. A trustworthy authority is anyone you love.
14. One should to check the educational pedigree and actual positive experience of any so-called "experts" before considering them legitimate authorities. True or False
15. One should become an "expert" in everything.
16. Arguments are never:
with questions
17. Valid deductive arguments can yield what element{s}?
true or false conclusions
18. Deductive validity is a matter of:
19. We reason fallaciously when we:
all of the above
20. Arguments encountered in real life are never:
none of the above
21. An argument that contains an invalid inference is defective. True
22. A valid argument cannot contain questionable premises. False
23. According to the authors, lay people are often:
unable to understand...
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