Hearing and Best Answer

Topics: Hearing, Language, Active listening Pages: 13 (1256 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1. The CEO of a company tells her employees that “the organization is going to be restructuring each department” rather than saying “there are going to be layoffs in each department.” This is an example of

[A] euphemisms.

[B] equivocations.

[C] abstractions.

[D] jargon.

2. The average listener can understand up to how many words per minute?

[A] 1,000

[B] 600

[C] 300

[D] 140

3. govern how words sound when pronounced.

[A] Phonological rules

[B] Semantic rules

[C] Pragmatic rules

[D] Syntactic rules

Select the best answer.

4. Syntactic rules determine

[A] the sequence of a set of symbols.

[B] the hierarchy of meaning in symbols.

[C] the meaning of a particular symbol.

[D] the pronunciation of a particular symbol.

5. “He strategizes — she manipulates” is an example of

[A] emotive language.

[B] evasive language.

[C] equivocal language.

[D] abstract language.

6. When examining the speaker’s evidence and reasoning, you should ask all of the following questions EXCEPT

[A] Is the evidence from a reliable source?

[B] Is the evidence recent enough?

[C] Is the evidence from a well-known person?

[D] Is enough evidence presented?

Select the best answer.

7. govern the structure of language.

[A] Semantic rules

[B] Pragmatic rules

[C] Phonological rules

[D] Syntactic rules

8. are pleasant terms substituted for a more direct but potentially less pleasant terms.

[A] Emotive words

[B] Slang words

[C] Euphemisms

[D] Abstractions

9. Roger has reported to your study group that he plans to improve his study habits this semester. In fact he said, “I will study two hours outside of class for each hour in class.” His statement is an example of

[A] syntactic description.

[B] behavioral description.

[C] emotive description.

[D] abstract description.

Select the best answer.

10. Language use can reflect the speaker’s willingness to take responsibility for his/her statements. Which of the following categories of statements reflects the highest amount of speaker responsibility?

[A] “it” statements

[B] “they” statements

[C] “I” statements

[D] “you” statements

11. Which of the following are types of evasive language?

[A] inferences

[B] euphemisms

[C] equivocation

[D] both b and c are correct

12. All of the following are reasons for poor listening EXCEPT

[A] message overload.

[B] message underload.

[C] psychological noise.

[D] effort.

Select the best answer.

13. All of the following are guidelines for critical listening EXCEPT

[A] evaluate the speaker’s speaking style.

[B] examine the speaker’s evidence and reasoning.

[C] listen for information before evaluating.

[D] evaluate the speakers’ credibility.

14. All of the following can affect the status of a person EXCEPT

[A] their speech rate.

[B] the volume of their voice.

[C] their choice of words.

[D] their accent.

15. Which of the following is valued most highly in communication by women in all-female talk?

[A] new ways to solve problems

[B] humor

[C] rapid pace

[D] empathy

Select the best answer.

16. ___________ involves using silences and brief statements of encouragement to draw others out, and in so doing to help them solve their own problems.

[A] Supporting

[B] Prompting

[C] Advising

[D] Paraphrasing

17. ___________ listening is the approach to take when you want to understand another person.

[A] Informational

[B] Content-oriented

[C] Action-oriented

[D] Persuasive

18. All of the following are examples of counterfeit questions EXCEPT

[A] questions that are based on unchecked assumptions.

[B] questions that carry hidden agendas.

[C] questions that paraphrase the speaker’s statement.

[D] questions that make statements.

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