Activity 2

Topics: Atom, Hydrogen, Carbon Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: February 7, 2014
Activity 2

7) In addition to what you saw, did you detect any smells? Describe them. At what point in the observation process did you detect them? Yes. In a little far distant I smell only gasoline when the car driven around and also when filling gasoline to my car.

8) If you used the candle, what color was the molten wax? If you looked at something in the environment (a dog, bird, the sky, clouds), provide details...color, texture, shape, size, etc.

I believe the candle contains carbon and hydrogen atoms. When we burn the candle these two elements react with the oxygen on the air burns the candle. So based on my experiment the yellow can have molten wax. So if I looked outside the environment lots of animals live in the atmosphere. The dog, bird, the sky and clouds are all live on the same could be blue and may represent the bottom part of the candle, the bird is small animal and clouds are white and carry hydrogen atom.

9) Describe any patterns you observed. (the smoke from the extinguished candle, the movement of the clouds for the environment activity, etc.).

10) If you observed the candle, was the color transition of blue to yellow in the flame gradual or abrupt?

11) Sketch a simple image of what you observed.

12) What other questions would YOU ask to be sure your observations were adequately described?

13) How could you use your observations?

14) What equipment could you have used to make even better observations?

15) How would these two observation activities (‘listening’ and ‘seeing’) relate to science?
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