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A Personal Teaching Philosophy

A Personal Teaching Philosophy
A statement of beliefs and attitudes relative to:  purpose of education & role of teacher  definition of teaching  nature of pedagogy – inquiry – constructivism – lab work
 

-- expository -- cooperative -- discussion -- skills
-- engagement -- competitive

-- lab work -- home work -- enrichment -- dispositions
-- disabilities -- cooperative

student learning & assessment
– knowledge
– management – individualistic

classroom atmosphere

Sample Belief Statements

The main purpose of education is to develop students' ability to think critically and integrate ideas, rather than to accumulate facts. (“Physics isn’t important!”) Cognitive conflict can fuel the learning process. New information may fit the existing mental structures, and the students can explain the phenomenon.. Teaching, as opposed to instructing, is primarily about process. The critical content of any learning experience is the method or process through which learning occurs. “The medium is the message.”

Why a Personal Teaching Philosophy?

What a teacher believes about both teaching and learning can have a major impact on the classroom environment. Teachers tend to implement classroom practices that reflect their philosophical beliefs. A well-reasoned personal philosophy can provide a basis for appropriate action.

Basic Teaching Philosophies

Basic philosophies span the spectrum from:
– traditional and conservative to – contemporary and liberal

Main types include:
– – – – – Perennialist (emphasis on values) Essentialist (emphasis on knowledge) Progressive (emphasis on experiences) Reconstructionist (emphasis on societal reform) Idiosyncratic (any combination of the above)

Everyone has a personal teaching philosophy!

Perennialist Teaching Philosophy
(emphasis on values)     

Rooted in realism (teacher-centered: 3 R’s and moral and religious...
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