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Performance Appraisal System (PAS)
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Managerial & AFT Professional Staff


1. Review performance for the entire review period: do not base your judgment on recent events or isolated incidents. Maintain records of significant performance events which MUST be shared with the employee as they occur.

2. Appraise performance and not personality. Comments should relate only to the person's ability to do the assigned work.

3. Avoid the tendency to overrate performance with Excellent/Outstanding. If used this rating requires documented support (see #1 above). Consider and judge each factor independently.

a.Prepare the appraisal in terms of actual performance on the basis of facts and records so that the employee can be shown how well he/she is doing in the position, where strengths lie, what development plan enhances the employee’s professional growth and skills or what areas need development and how those areas can be improved.

4. To facilitate communication and clarify expectations during the scheduled evaluation conference, both the supervisor and the employee should complete the appraisal form separately and then review it together. Supervisors are responsible for developing position responsibilities and expectations, every effort should be made to include the employee in this process. Only the supervisor's evaluation will become part of the official record.

5. Supervisors completing the PAS should review and consult about the assessments of their entire staff with the next manager in line prior to individual conferences with employees.

6. In Part 1: Major Duties and Responsibilities, evaluate how well the employee is performing each of the major duties and responsibilities of his/her present position. Job descriptions should be reviewed with the employee annually and updated to support the unit’s strategic plan.

7. In Part 2: Goals and Projects, evaluate how well the employee has met his/her goals and projects in terms of actual results achieved.

8. In Part 3: Skills/Knowledge/Abilities, check one box for each statement using the criteria listed in that section.

9. In Part 4: Development Plan, review and note the employee's progress on the development plan for this appraisal period prepared during the last assessment period.

10. In Part 5: General Comments Regarding Assessment Period, signatures must be obtained for each section (if applicable).

Print out new form for next year and develop the following parts:

a. Major Duties and Responsibilities should be developed and discussed with the employee during the scheduled evaluation conference and inserted into Part 1 of the appraisal form for next year.

b. Goals and Projects consistent with the unit’s strategic goals by which the employee will be evaluated should be developed during the scheduled evaluation conference and inserted into Part 2 of the appraisal form for next year.

c. Skills/Knowledge/Abilities in Part 3 of the appraisal form for next year must be discussed with the employee during the scheduled evaluation conference. This part may form the basis for a Development Plan.

d. A Development Plan should be created to update/maintain current skills or develop new skills as required by the position in support of the unit’s strategic goals. A Development Plan MUST be included to address each "Unsatisfactory" rating. Development Plans should be discussed with the employee during the scheduled evaluation conference and inserted into Part 4 of the appraisal form for next year.

11. At all levels if there is a negative recommendation, the employee will be notified in writing. Employees receiving such evaluations are entitled to a follow-up conference with the person making the recommendation. For AFT it is the option of the candidate to request the presence of a Union representative at the conference as an observer/advisor only. At least 48 hours prior...
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