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Recreation and Leisure
The Gaming Entertainment Industry
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As the days goes by, we can see that everybody change the way people have their lifestyle. The Recreation and Leisure in which people loves to do now if ever they have time, this is their way to relax. In such things it will also explain the different functions of recreation.

In which it explains also the factors promoting the growth of recreation and the type of organized recreation that helps us promote the recreation and leisure more well-known. Also it explains the major recreation service components the sports and tourism.

It also explains the different recreations that linked to the growth of tourism such as Theme parks, Water parks, Fun Centers, and Sports Tourism.

The Gaming Entertainment Industry are the popular form of leisure in where people mostly enjoy it. Where people loves to gamble and entertain their selves in gaming industry. It also discuss brief history of Gaming Entertainment.

The games and facilities that exist on the Casino Floor such as bingo and keno, slot machine, table games and the reason why people visiting casinos. It also explains the importance of Gaming Entertainment and why people have an addiction to Gambling.

It shows also the different casinos and corporations that help the Gaming Entertainment famous such as Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas, ITT Corporation and the famous MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Gaming Entertainment provides also the different Career Opportunities in order for us to have knowledge.

Meaning of Recreation and Leisure

The dictionary defines recreation as the process of giving new life to something, of restoring something.

Leisure is defined as the productive, creative or contemplative use of free time.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities include all kinds of sports, both team and individual such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, swimming and skiing. Hiking, jogging, aerobics and rock climbing are active forms of recreation. Passive recreational activities include reading, fishing, playing and listening to music, gardening, playing computer games and watching television or movies.

Varied Views of Recreation and Leisure

For some, recreation means the network of public agencies that provide parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports fields and community centers in several cities, towns, counties or park districts.

For others, recreation may be found in a senior center, a sheltered workshop for mentally retarded individuals or a treatment center for physical rehabilitation.
Environmentalists may be principally concerned about the impact of outdoor forms of recreation on our natural surroundings the forests, mountains, rivers and lakes which are the national heritage of a nation.

Recreational Participation
The most common motion of recreation is that it is primarily a participation in sports and games. Recreation actually includes an extremely broad range of leisure activities including travel and tourism, cultural entertainment, participation in the arts, hobbies, membership in social clubs or interest groups, nature- related activities such as hunting and fishing, attendance at parties, special events and fitness activities.

Motivations for Recreational Participation
Many participants take part in recreation as a form of relaxation and release from the pressures of work and other tensions....
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