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Network and standards protocol

1.Which of the following terms is the cloaet synonym to the term computer networking? Protocol

2.Ann uses her email address,, to send an email to bob, whose email address is the message contains a few paragraphs of text. Which of the following will be important to the process of making sure that bob receives this email?

3. According to this chapter, which of the following concepts happens in a modern-day , end to end voice call between two business telephones sitting in the same office building in the united states?

4.According to this chapter, which of the following concepts happen in a modern-day, end to end voice call between two home telephoned in the united states?

5.A student makes a video recording of a professor teaching a class. The student post the video to a website. The answers list information that the student used or chose on the computer on which he was processing the video. Which of the following answers is the least likely to impact the size of the video file?

6. A student records a video of a professor teaching a class. The student plans to later post the video online on a website. Which of the following answers list something discussed in this chapter that the student could do to improve the chances that other students will watch the video?

7. A pc user opens his internet explorer web browser, types the web address, and presses enter. The browser display a new web page. What part of the web address most directly identifies the web page that shows up in the window?

8. A user on a tablet computer opens her web browser, taps the web address, and then taps the button to load the page. The user then sees a web page that list text plus several different graphics images. The web server actually stored the web page as one text file and several graphics files(objects). What happens to csuse all the...
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