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APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management


Exam Content Manual



Overview of Exam Content Manual
Master Planning of Resources January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013

Please be aware, this is not the full APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual (ECM). The full version is available on Shop APICS using the following link: This abbreviated version is provided to give candidates an overview of what is contained on the exams on a very high level. For exam preparation, use of the current APICS CPIM ECM is strongly recommended. New in 2013 Each participant guide includes the section of the APICS CPIM ECM related to the particular module. Also available in 2013 is APICS CPIM Study Tools. This comprehensive, online component to the APICS CPIM program is an online learning environment designed to help you master the core concepts in each APICS CPIM module. APICS CPIM Study Tools contains presentation slides and assessments to complement your learning experience. Each APICS CPIM participant guide gives you access to APICS CPIM Study Tools. Purchase the APICS Master Planning of Resources participant guide at (e-download) (printed)

No portion of this document may be reproduced under any circumstances. CPIM is a registered trademark of APICS.

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Master Planning of Resources Exam
Abbreviated Exam Content
The following table identifies the four main topics of the exam. The relative importance of these topics varies among industries, but the figures show the percentage designated for each section of the exam. Diagnostic part I Main topic Demand management Sales and operations planning Master scheduling Distribution planning Percent of exam 25 percent

C. Management of the Customer Interface: Effective management of the customer interface requires an understanding of how to make realistic order delivery promises and maintain positive customer relationships. This area of the exam covers topics related to ensuring effective customer communication, handling actual orders, and measuring the performance of the order management system.

II. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) This section addresses the processes, concepts, and techniques used to link strategic goals to operations and coordinate the various planning efforts of the functional areas, including operations, sales, sourcing, product development, marketing, and finance in a variety of business environments. Exam questions covering this area will include elements related to the following: A. General Concepts and Purpose: S&OP coordinates the various business functions to ensure they support the overall organization strategy and enhance customer service. At the center of the process are two fundamental issues. First, what is the best way to balance supply and demand? Second, what is the appropriate production volume and mix between product families? The answers depend heavily on the specific type of business environment. B. Management Considerations: S&OP is the process executive management uses to control and guide the business. It integrates the multiple plans developed within a business and provides direction for more detailed short-term to medium-term planning. C. S&OP Process: There are several steps involved in the process of establishing a sales and operations plan. Effective S&OP requires proper execution of each of these steps. D. Developing and Validating the Production Plan: A key output of S&OP is the production plan. Effective S&OP requires an understanding of this key planning document.


25 percent


25 percent


25 percent

Content Outline
I. Demand Management This section addresses the...
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