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Vitrulan Textile Glass Space Global Pvt. Ltd

Vitrulan Textile Glass Space Global Pvt. Ltd. (VTGSGPL, is an Indo-German Joint Venture starting operations in India to establish and sell Self-glue fibre glass protective wall fabrics under the brand name ‘SYSTEXX’


SYSTEXX – wall and ceiling coverings made of textile fabric, i.e. woven from glass yarn. These glass fabrics are used in busy areas, such as residential buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings, community facilities, office buildings, schools, nursery schools, museums, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, shopping malls, train stations, airports, army barracks and in the housing industry.

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan stands for a traditional company founded in 1921 and is a product “Made in Germany”. With more than 320 employees, Vitrulan is big enough to meet all global requirements, and is still down-to-earth enough to know its customers.


Self-glue fibre glass protective wall fabrics, Glass wall fabrics, Fibre glass protective wall covering.

Situation Analysis:

Situation Analysis according to 4C’s framework:


Vitrulan has entered India for the first time. It has tied up with a leading Building Solutions provider i.e. Space Global Ventures as an Indo-German joint Venture named as Vitrulan Textile Glass Space Global Pvt. Ltd. (VTGSGPL). This group already has good reputation in market dealing with Architects and Designers. There major customers will be the Construction companies, real-estate, Interior Designers and Builders.


Vitrulan Knows that there are some existing wall Paper manufacturing industries in India like Worldwide Pvt Ltd, Uniflock International, Krystal Composites etc.., they came up with a new concept of Glass Fabric Textile (Systexx). Systexx is made with Glass fabric it is very flexiable to use, Fire resistant, Green product.


The new Indo German Joint Venture is called as Vitrulan Textile Glass Space Global Pvt. Ltd.,(VTGSGPL). VTGSGPL is planning to set up the sales and technical operations across India starting July 2012. With the headquarters at Bangalore and having a central warehouse of holding the entire range of stocks, the company intends to have the sales and technical team built to have the network spread across the country. All the major cities and towns will be covered by the sales team. The target customers will be Architects and Designers (specifying the product), Developers and Builders (who may buy the product for their projects), Interior Contracting companies (to use the product in their interior fit out projects) and Direct Dealers. All the orders will be routed through the direct dealers who will have exclusive sales and technical team.


Considering the fast growing cities in India and development in the real-estate industries, Fire accidents taking place in Hospitals and hotels, Life style of the people made Vitrulan think in an innovative way. People want to change themselves according to the society and present them as one of the best in the market. For such kind of people this is the best product. Architects and designers can present there designs according to the peoples whish using vitrulan. This may add more profits to them.


STRENGTHS: Vitrulan glasses are highly innovative and creative of coming up with a wall paper that is made of glass material rather than the normal material of paper which is of high safety standards with certified fire resistance which the normal wallpaper lacks and they are also disinfectable.

These characters and the added safety could attract customers who are concerned about their home safety.

WEAKNESS: Vitrulan glasses may fail to attract customers of certain classes mainly in Indian markets who still...
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