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Assignment 1 (100 marks)

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(Covers Modules 1 and 2)

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Question 1 (20 marks)

Multiple choice (2 marks each)

Note: For multiple-choice questions, select the best answer. Answer each question by giving the number of your choice. For example, if (2) is the best answer for item (a), write (a)(2) as your answer. If you provide more than one answer for a question, that question will not be marked. Incorrect answers will be marked as zero. No marks will be awarded for any explanations you may offer.

a. Which of the following statements about IT spending is true? 1. Firms spend more on IT than on all other forms of capital combined. 2. Firms spend less on IT than on other forms of capital, but the value of IT spending is increasing. 3. Firms spent more on IT than on other forms of capital before 2001, but since 2001, they have spent less on IT than on other forms of capital. 4. Firms spend more on IT than they do on transportation equipment, but less than on industrial equipment.

b. Which of the following reasons is typically given to explain an inability to sustain an IS-based competitive advantage? 1. IS-based advantage is not sustainable because project failure rates are high. 2. IS-based advantage is not sustainable because it is easy for competitors to copy IT strategies. 3. IS-based advantage is not sustainable because IT management talent is scarce. 4. IS-based advantage is not sustainable because most business processes are specific to the organization.

c. For which of the following IT decisions would a duopoly governance archetype be considered best? 1. IT architecture
2. IT infrastructure
3. Business application needs
4. IT investment

d. A bank employee accidentally sent an e-mail containing personal data of employees (name, branch location, salary, performance rating) to a bank customer instead of to a consultant as intended. The consultant’s e-mail address was very similar to that of one of the bank’s customers, and the employee mistyped the address. Does this situation violate Canadian law under PIPEDA? 1. No, because it involved employee rather than customer information 2. No, because PIPEDA applies only to government organizations and crown corporations 3. Yes, because the bank has a responsibility to protect the data of employees from such errors 4. Yes, because employee information should never be sent via e-mail


e. Which of the following statements about putting an IS plan into practice is true? 1. An...
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