Equality & Diversity

Topics: Equality, Binary relation, Inequality Pages: 4 (704 words) Published: August 22, 2012
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 4: Living in Diverse Communities


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Name: Sarah Hepworth

1. Describe a range of appropriate investigative methods that can be used to explore diversity in a community.

By using observations you can explore the range of diversity within a community by going out into the streets of a community and looking at the people around and carefully noticing how the differ and how they can be put into different categories, to record this information you can use an observation sheet and make boxes to tick for each person who falls into a specific category. Another way to investigative is to so some desktop research where you can find a huge amount of information this can also be found in libraries using their resources.

2. Using one (or more) of the methods you outlined in Question 1, describe the extent of diversity that exists within your community. You should illustrate your work with some actual data such as statistics or desktop research.

Using desktop research I was able to find information on people’s religion in the north Wiltshire area,

All people count persons 125,372
Christian count person 95,159
Buddhist count person 266
Hindu count person 123
Jewish count person 71
Muslim count person 327
Sikh count person 140
Other religion count person...
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