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Instructions for installation of Langenscheidt for mobiles
This zip file contains two folders:
- full version
The version of Langenscheidt for mobiles dictionary which included both the dictionary engine and the dictionary databases inside the jar file. This version does not require any Internet connection as contains all the files for the correct work of the application. This version may have problems with the installation due to the limitations for the *.jar file’s size set by your mobile phone’s developer.

- with download
This version includes only the dictionary engine. You can install this version without any problems on almost all devices which support Java applications because of the small size of the *.jar file. However you will have to install the dictionary databases from our on-line web-server on your device for the correct work of the application. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible, but it can cause difficulties. Depending on your device you can install the full version of the dictionary or version with download and download dictionary databases later (in case your device has limitations on the size of the installation file).

The information of the possible limitations on the *.jar file’s size for the different platforms: Nokia Series 40 5th edition, 6th edition, except the devices with resolution 128*160 – 1 Мb; Samsung – usually 300 or 500 Кb;

SonyEricsson Java Platform 6 and higher – it’s limited only by the size of free space available on your device.
The first thing you need before the installation of the application is to become sure that your mobile phone supports Java ME. For that, please look through the instructions for your mobile phone or the vendor’s web-site.

Installation of the application
To install a dictionary you’ll need to look through the instructions for your mobile phone to make sure how to install any Java ME applications (*.jar and *.jad files). Here we recommend some of the possible ways for...
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