Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1
There are 3 online assessments (Assessment #1 ,#2, and #3)
Each assessment will take approximately 15 minutes to complete
Please complete the assessments when you are alone and cannot be distracted, as the results are affected by the consistency of your answers
Please complete the assessments on a computer that meets these requirements:
Screen resolution width of 1024 pixels or greater (do not take the assessments on a cell phone)
Apple: Mac OS 10.5 or higher using Safari v4.0 or higher or Firefox v 3.0 or higher
Windows: XP, Vista, or 7 using IE v6.0 or higher, Firefox v3.0 or higher, Chrome v4.0 or higher, or Opera v9.0 or higher
! Please read the instructions for each assessment very carefully
Assessment #1
Go to:*TcOr==R
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Do NOT close your browser
Assessment #2
Beside “Motivational Selection” click on “COMPLETE ASSESSMENT”
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete Assessment #2
Click “SUBMIT” when you are finished with this assessment
Close the pop-up window, but do NOT close your browser
! Do NOT close your browser
Assessment #3
Beside “TS Sales Selection R” click on “COMPLETE ASSESSMENT”
Very carefully read the instructions provided, click “CONTINUE”
Complete Value Inventory Part 1 (first page), click “CONTINUE”
Complete Value Inventory Part 2 (second page), click “CONTINUE”
Please wait for the assessment to finish processing before closing the pop-up window
You are now finished, close your web browser
! Make sure you read the directions VERY CAREFULLY

If for any reason you are unable to complete your assessments, a return link will be sent to your email address immediately after entering your identification information on the website. You must use the return link on the same computer in order to successfully complete your assessments. If you receive an error message on Assessment #3: Read over the instructions very carefully again→ make sure both Part 1 and Part 2 are ranked exactly the way you want them. If you still receive an error message, complete Assessment #3 at a later

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