Knowledge Paper on Skill Development in India

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Learner first
September 2012

Knowledge paper on skill development in India

Abhaya Krishna Agarwal
Partner, Government Services, Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.
Low labor-cost and a rich talent pool are distinct advantages available to India, clearly powering its global competiveness as a knowledge-based society. Education and training are both strategic necessities, which will deliver employment-enhancing skills, in turn increasing productivity and accelerating the future economic growth of the country. To further strengthen India’s position of being a dominant service economy, it is imperative for the government to invest in skilling and training the available human capital, especially to provide for the knowledgeintensive sectors. In collaboration with FICCI, Ernst & Young has prepared this paper, highlighting the current vocational education and training (VET) scenario of India in terms of current capacity, available infrastructure, projected growth and quality of education. The need for skill development has been assessed in comparison with the projected growth and demand for the same. Keeping the theme “learner first” in mind, the paper provides a comprehensive profile of today’s learner in terms of his/her demographic, social and educational status. Furthermore, the report voices the opinion of the learner, regarding his/her understanding, expectations and need for skill development. Being the prime provider for skill development in India, the government has established various avenues and pathways to increase employability of the learner, under the national policy on skills. Furthermore, the private sector too has entered this space by being both a supplier and consumer of skilled manpower. Initiatives under the public private partnership mode (PPP) such as the National Skills Development Corporation currently has 59 partners who are paramount in catalyzing vocational education and training in the country. Learning from the case studies of state governments and other countries addressing the issues and challenges of imparting vocational education have been analyzed to reveal lessons for existing and upcoming participants of this field. For India, it is critical to accommodate evolving growth/ trends to be responsive to the constantly changing dynamics of the economy. Skills and education will enhance the employability of the learner. With the acquired knowledge, workers will contribute toward productivity at a national level to determine India’s competitive edge. We would like to extend our gratitude to FICCI for giving us this opportunity to present our findings and views at the Global Skills Summit 2012.

Regards, Abhaya Krishna Agarwal Partner, Government Services, Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.


Knowledge paper on skill development in India: Learner first

Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Secretary General - FICCI
The development of skills for 500 million Indians in less than 10 years is not only a matter of national urgency; it is astounding in its scale. Thus far, the development of skills has been driven by the requirements of the market; while much progress has been made with considerable help from the private sector, it is a travesty that little has been done to understand the needs of the learners, who are at the heart of the skills development mission. This report explores the idea of putting the Learner first and focuses on ways to empower the learner through improved skills, which is the crux of the National Policy on Skills. The idea is to “empower all individuals through improved skills, knowledge, nationally and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure India’s competitiveness in the global market”. The perspective of the learner regarding skills and vocational training is little known; at the same time the judgement of learners is clouded by the challenges of survival. There could be a plethora of opportunities for skilled people, but there...
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