Job Interview Questions

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Job Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.
Many people are not comfortable with this question. By preparing for it, however, it could be a wonderful opportunity to sell yourself. Briefly discuss your education,work experience and personal history.


I am a graduate of AB Mass Communication from St. Scholastica College. My academic average when I graduated was 91 , which I think is good. I had my on-the-job training at ABS-CBN where my supervisor gave me a very satisfactory job appraisal. I have been working as a Communications Trainer in an English tutorial center for two years . I can say that I am a competent , hardworking and responsible person . By the way , I am married with two kids. But I can assure you that I can balance career and family life.

2. Talk about your work experience .

Give a summary of the paid and volunteer jobs that you handled. Emphasize your contributions to the company.

I had my on-the-job training at UCPB Balanga . I worked there as a trainee for a total of 200 hours . I assisted in the filing of records , sorting and counting of money and answering telephone inquiries .Moreover , I helped clients in completing forms and other requirements . I think , in my own little way , I was able to contribute to UCPB. My supervisor gave me a grade of 95 for my performance.

3. Why did you choose your course ?

Don’t say things like “ I have no choice “ or” I never liked the course “ ( even if it’s true ) Talk about the things that you expected to gain from your course or the advantage that it will give you.

a. I chose Management because it is a very interesting and challenging course . I knew I would gain insights on business planning and proper business management . Now I know that I am equipped with important concepts that I could apply in my career .

b. I chose Banking and Finance because I really want to work in finance-related industries . I am interested to learn bank operations and transactions. It is a very challenging course that would develop the students’ intellectual capability and analytical skills.

4. What is your greatest strength?
Talk about the strength you feel will score the most points. Begin with a brief statement and give clear examples.


I think my greatest strength is my marketing skills. I am a very persuasive person and I know how to deal well with people. In fact , when I was working as a sales executive at Smart , I was able to sell 300 SIM cards in two weeks. Also , when I was working as an Avon dealer , I was able to sell P20,000 worth of cosmetics in one month. In my present job as a call center agent , I always meet my monthly quota for the upselling and cross-selling of products.

5. What is your greatest weakness?
You don’t have to reveal the worst thing about you. Mention something that will not sound that bad : e.g.” Sometimes,, I worry too much.” Some experts advise disguising a strength as a weakness like being too assertive or being a perfectionist. You may also mention a technical weakness; e.g.” I need to update my computer skills.”

Example :

One challenge that I have to face is my English proficiency . I think I have to improve my ability to communicate in this language , not only for my career , but also for my personal satisfaction and confidence. I am planning to enroll in a short-tern course in English. I’m sure this can help me a lot. I am also devoting more time to reading English magazines like Time and Newsweek.

6. What can you offer us that someone else can’t?
Respond by describing your strengths. You may also mention a valuable or a unique experience.


My experiences and most of my qualities are unique to me. The personal and the professional experiences that I had helped me become a mature and responsible person. For example , when...
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