Invasive Species

Topics: Livestock, Goats, Galápagos Islands Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: October 26, 2014
RADIOLAB Podcast Galapagos Homework Assignment We listened to the segment called, To the Brink from the Galapagos episode (season 12 episode 9). The website is HYPERLINK http// http// - Scroll down to access this specific segment. Answer the following questions based on the information that was presented in this segment. To the Brink What is taking place when he arrives on the Galapagos What is the white flag candidate worried about What did Darwin notice as he moved from island to island Isabella Island a. Why are the drip pools important to the tortoises b. What forms the drip pools The Tortoise or the Goat How and why did goats get to the island Originally the goats were penned in on one section of the island by a barrier of lava rock, how and when did the goats get passed the barrier a. What happened to the goat population b. What did they do to the island Tortoise Summit What was an outrageous idea that was suggested at the summit Project Isabella Describe what they first did to eradicate the goats. How many goats did they wipe out with this first method Why did this first method stop working a. What did they do next Explain. b. What then became the problem with this method Then what did they do When could they say that the goats had been eradicated What happened after the eradication project Why did they keep the Judas goats around Explain. Process The goats are an example of an invasive species. Based on the information presented in this segment of the podcast, what do you think this means a. What were they trying to accomplish by eradicating the goats b. Why did they feel the need to do this Do you think humans have a responsibility to keep nature as natural as possible Why or why not How far do you think we (humans) should go to protect a species/nature Name____________________ Date_____________ Per_____ Y, dXiJ(x( I_TS 1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9 xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXI...
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