All the disappearing islands Outline

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Outline for “All the Disappearing Islands”

A. Paragraph 1: Introduction
Julia Whitty writes about the amazing beauty of Tuvalu Islands

B. Paragraphs 2-3: General Idea
The general idea is the environmental and cultural impact of melting ice caps on the nation of Tuvalu. Global Warming could cause the sea to expand and rise faster than the corals could fortify themselves against it and Tuvalu could disappear beneath the waves. This not only risks the population of the island but also to the unique human culture born and bred in this watery island.

C. Paragraphs 4-6: Tuvalu’s traits

This is a waterfront property, and no one has ever lived a moment without hearing the thunder of surf. Former Prime Minister Luka tell the author about how the islanders are blessed and that they are a close knit through kinship. Once part of the British Empire Tuvalu is one of the smallest and remote countries on earth.

D. Paragraphs 7-11: The worrisome issues that the Tuvaluans face.

Life on this kinds of islands has always been dangerous since they were plagued with tropical storms and the high wave of cyclones which occurred only once a year. Now this events are occurring near half the year. This events kill most of the coral life of the island.

They population of Tuvalu is faced with a difficult choice to stay and die or to leave and some part of them will die too.

E. Paragraphs 12-15: Life on the Island .

Many of the man are not form Funafuti, but they are transplants from the outer atolls of Tuvalu. The only road in the country was pave only very recently.
The citizens do not want to talk about the topic of sea level since they don’t want to scare tourist away. F. Paragraphs 16-19: Tuvalu’s nature.
80 percent of the coral reefs are dean. The live ones are all young colonies. If the coral never recovers the whole island will be swept away.

G. Paragraphs 20-25: Scientific...
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