Introduction to multimedia

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What is Multimedia?
Multimedia is woven combinations of text, graphic art, sound, animation and video elements, which together can multiply the impact of message.
Multimedia technology is intended to provide to the presenter with a powerful tool that can greatly enhance communication by delivering a multisensory experience.
What is Interactive Multimedia?
Interactive Multimedia refers to the ability of the user to control multimedia components and interact with them as needed.
What is Multimedia Authoring Software? Define its characteristics. Multimedia authoring software provides the communicator design capability to allow the user(s)or audience to interact with the presenter or with the computer program itself. e.g.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Characteristics of Multimedia Authoring Software: Multimedia elements are typically sewn together into a project using authoring tools. These software tools are deigned to manage individual multimedia elements and provide use interaction. In addition to providing a method for users to interact with the project, most authoring tools also offer facilities for creating and editing text and images and they have extension to drive videodisc players and other relevant hardware peripherals.

Sounds and movies are usually created with editing tool dedicated to these media and then the elements are imported into the authoring system for playback.
Multimedia Application Design Consideration
In multimedia application design consideration following point play a key role. 1. Target audience
2. Multimedia application goals and objective
3. The application program content
4. Multimedia building blocks
5. Degree of interactivity
(1) Target audience
An educational program, marketing program a corporate presentation and an information kiosk application all have significant difference. Information related to audience help to define these program, which include following: Age and educational level

Learning styles
Corporate/Institutional culture
Audience needs and expectation
User level of expertise, both subject matter and computer literacy level Logos and preferred colors
Ethnic, gender and culture composition
Available playback equipment
Psychological profile
(2) Multimedia application goal and objective
Following question helps to find out multimedia goals and objective, which is useful during developing multimedia application.
What is the purpose of the proposed application?
What are you trying to accomplish?
What is the expected result?
If multimedia application if for group, then who are the members of group? Where multimedia application will be used?
Answers of the above questions help to define proper goal and objective of multimedia application. (3) The application program content
Program content can be defined as the specific message, data, facts or information presented through the multimedia application.
The content specialist provides the program content to the multimedia architect. The content specialist is a member of the production team; this member is responsible for performing all research needed for the content of

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Multimedia Systems (MMS)


SVIT, Vasad

the application. The content specialist provides the multimedia architect with accurate facts, figures, charts, graphics and videos.
The final form in which the information will be introduced and displayed using the capabilities of multimedia technology is the responsibility of the multimedia architect. (4) Multimedia building blocks

A multimedia presentation is composed of a member of elements (building blocks) such as text, graphics, digitized video, video played in a video window, sound, computer animation and other that are coordinated by the authoring software.

These multimedia building blocks are usually produced using a variety of software applications and imported into the multimedia authoring applications.
Following questions are...
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