Introduction to media technology

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1.0 Introduction
Convergent media have become an essential element for many people in daily life. In the development of our digital world such as computer technology, mobile technology and television technology were playing an important role. From the PC to the handheld, new computer sold every second around the world. Computers can store information, change the image, designing cars and playing computer games. By using the multimedia program, we can interact with words, images and sounds, which change the way we learn.

2.0 Definition of Media Convergence and Convergent Media
It is very hard at defining the notion of media convergence, because there are a lot of different definitions. According to Jenkins, media convergence is an ongoing process that should not be viewed as a displacement of the old media, but rather as an interaction between different media forms and platforms (Jenkins, 2006). Based on my own understanding, media convergence is the process of consolidating the different type of media to produce a totally new form of media. Convergent media are the new media which is produced after the process of media convergence. Convergent media is a device that including multiple functions and applications. The example of convergent media is computer and mobile phone.

3.0 Explanation of the Chosen Convergent Media
The convergent media that I had chosen is computer.  The first generation of computers was operated by programs were specifically built for the task for which they were manufactured. The invention of the first computer since 1948 has completely changed this world into real digital revolution. There are many fancy add-ons for computers nowadays, but the basic components of the computer are simple and universal. Generally, modern day computers operate through an interaction of hardware and software as a result of advances in technologies. Computers are important because there is only so much the human brain can do. Computer development was...

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concepts for real life
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