Human Resource Management: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Recruitment Pages: 52 (10321 words) Published: June 20, 2013


After you have read and studied this chapter, you should be able to:

1. Explain the importance of human resource management and describe current issues in managing human resources. 2. Illustrate the effects of legislation on human resource management. 3.Summarize the five steps in human resource planning. 4. Describe methods companies use to recruit new employees and explain some of the issues that make recruitment challenging. 5. Outline the six steps in selecting employees.

6. Illustrate employee training and development methods. 7. Trace the six steps in appraising employee performance. 8. Summarize the objectives of employee compensation programs and describe various pay systems and fringe benefits. 9. Explain scheduling plans managers use to adjust to workers' needs. 10. Describe the ways employees can move through a company: promotion, reassignment, termination, and retirement.


Listed below are important terms found in the chapter. Choose the correct term for the definition and write it in the space provided.

|Affirmative action |Job analysis |Online training | |Apprentice programs |Job description |On-the-job training | |Cafeteria-style fringe benefits |Job sharing |Orientation | |Compressed workweek |Job simulation |Performance appraisal | |Contingent workers |Job specifications |Recruitment | |Core time |Management development |Reverse discrimination | |Flextime plan |Mentor |Selection | |Fringe benefits |Networking |Training and development | |Human resource management |Off-the-job training |Vestibule training |

1. The set of activities called ________________ are used to obtain a sufficient number of the right people at the right time.

2.The written summary of the minimum qualifications required of a worker to do a particular job is called the ____________________.

3.A work schedule known as __________________gives employees some freedom to choose when to work, as long as they work the required number of hours.

4.Employment activities designed to “right past wrongs “by increasing opportunities for minorities and women are known as ____________________________.

5.Training programs known as ________________________ involve a period during which a learner works alongside an experienced employee to master the skills and procedures of a craft.

6.The process of ______________________is the training and educating of employees to become good managers and then monitoring the progress of their managerial skills over time.

7.Known as ______________________ these include sick-leave pay, vacation pay, pension plans, and health plans that represent additional compensation to employees beyond base wages.

8.Discrimination against whites or males in hiring or promoting is called _____________________.

9.An experienced employee known as a(n) _______________is one who supervises, coaches and guides lower-level employees by introducing them to the right people...
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