How Thorpe Park markets Swarm

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In this assignment I will be evaluating how well Thorpe Park used different market techniques to market their new ‘The Swarm’ ride.

Brand building and influencing buyer behaviour

One of the techniques used by Thorpe Park to market their rides is influencing buyer behaviour. Influencing buyer behaviour is when businesses change things around their product to try and get customers to purchase their product or service. For example Thorpe Park may lower their prices during the autumn because that is when their repeat purchase declines. This may encourage customers to go because Thorpe Park usually doesn’t sell their tickets at this price; they will also know that they are getting a good deal from this because Thorpe Park is actually worth more than that.

Thorpe Park could also influence buyer behaviour through using celebrity endorsements by making the theme park look fun, cool and enjoyable place to go, by doing so they are building up their brand image as well. This may influence consumers and may draw them to the park because of the way Thorpe Park has presented themselves through their brand image.

Another technique which Thorpe Park could use to market their product is brand building. Thorpe Park could build up their brand so that they can get more customers by using celebrity endorsements. For example they could give celebrities free tickets to Thorpe Park in exchange of them promoting and telling people how amazing the rides are etc. Once people hear and see how amazing Thorpe Park is, Thorpe Park will start to see more people coming to Thorpe Park. This will help them build up a good brand image because of the popularity of the celebrities. Thorpe Park could also use celebrities from well-known movies or programmes to influence buyer behaviour and create a certain brand image which allows Thorpe Park to have an effect on consumer’s choice.

Evaluating the techniques

I will be analysing the way Thorpe Park uses colours, sounds,...
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