How productive are you

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How Productive Are You?

Find out how you can get more done.
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When we want to get more done, many of us simply work longer hours, move deadlines around, and multi-task. Although these strategies can provide some short-term relief, they aren't sustainable in the long term. Pretty soon, this approach becomes a way of life, leading to high levels of stress and eventually, poor productivity. Productivity is a measure of how much you accomplish – not how busy you are. So it's far better to learn how to work intelligently, and to use leverage to achieve more with your time and resources. This will increase your productivity – and help you find extra time to do other things. The quiz below will help you to understand how productive you are. Then, the discussion and resources that follow will help you identify strategies that you can use to increase your productivity, so that you can do more, with less stress. How Productive Are You?

For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Please answer questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be), and don't worry if some questions seem to score in the 'wrong direction'. When you are finished, please click the 'Calculate My Total' button at the bottom of the test. Top of Form

at all
I use the leverage of other people's time to work efficiently.

I organize my day to take advantage of natural highs and lows in my energy and motivation.

I actively look for ways to improve the flow of my work, and the way that I approach tasks.

I can maintain focus on one task for a significant period of time.

I spend lots of time looking for information or documents, or locating missing items.

I actively look for ways to avoid wasting time and effort – both for myself and for my team.

I multitask regularly.

I use the talents, time, and expertise of other people on my team to help get the work done.

I use techniques like skimming and note taking to identify the key points from the documents that I receive.

I use a formal tracking system to understand how I spend my time.

I have a clear plan for dealing with disruptions and interruptions.

The volume of correspondence and documentation that I receive on a daily basis overwhelms me.

I delay difficult or unpleasant tasks until the last minute – or until the issue disappears on its own.

To ensure that things are done right, I keep close track of the activities and decisions of others on my team.

I find that my mind wanders, and it's hard to concentrate for long.

I do all of the tasks that are assigned to me, and hope that I can keep up with the volume of work.

 Total = 

Bottom of Form
Score Interpretation
You have some work to do to become more productive. It's inefficient simply to fill your day with tasks or to try to do too much without considering your limits and priorities. Use the information and resources below as your motivation to work smarter, not harder. The good news: you'll soon be accomplishing very much more, in less time. 37-58

You're on the right track with your productivity efforts, and you probably get your most important work done. However, you could be more productive. Use the productivity techniques and resources outlined below to become more productive and efficient in your daily life. 59-80

Fantastic! You have a clear understanding of your priorities, and you use your time to maximize your output. You also think about how to use leverage to get the most from your time, and to use it to the organization's advantage. This makes you a real asset. Where appropriate, use the resources below to continue to build on and improve...
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