How different perspectives provide different ideas on how to manage organisations?

Topics: Sociology, Management, Organization Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Different ways of looking at the world product different knowledge and thus different perspective come to be associated with their own concepts and theories. The concepts and theories of a particular perspective offer us with distinctive thinking tools with which tp craft ideas about organisations and organising. The more knowledge you have of multiple perspectives, concepts and theories, the greater will be your capacity to choose a useful approach to dealing with the situation you face in your organisation.

Today organisations operate in complex, uncertain and often contradictory situation. Managers and employees are expected to do more with less, to maximise both short term gain and long term investment, and become efficient as well as more humane and ethical. Learning to think about organisation using the multiple perspective will help to embrace complexity and uncertainty and their contradictory demands. Learning to use multiple perspective can help to make you aware of the assumptions of values underlying theory and practices, which in turn should make you more conscious of your reasons for doing things and better able to understand the reasons behind the actions taken by others. By understanding how different perspectives influence the way you and others experience, and shape organisational realities.

Because of the complexity and pluralism of organisations, managers who make sense of and use multiple perspectives are better able to bring their knowledge of organisation theory to bear on the wide range of analyses, decisions and plans their organisations make each and every day. The framework of multiple perspective including modern, symbolic-interpretive and postmodern perspectives will help to enlarge knowledge bases, master a wide range of skills and see situations in a different ways- all which are crucial for understanding, analysing and managing the complexity of organisational life.

The modernist perspective focus on the organisation as an...
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