HOPE Consumer Fitness DBA Notes

Topics: Federal Trade Commission, Consumer protection, Advertising Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Consumer Fitness DBA Study Guide

-Explain and apply the FITT principles (hint: Getting Started) Principle of Frequency - Frequency refers to how often the activity or exercise is performed Principle of Intensity - Intensity refers to how hard your body works during the activity or exercise. Principle of Type - Type refers to the activity you choose in order to achieve an appropriate training response. Principle of Time - Time refers to the duration of the activity or exercise. Gradually increasing the amount of time spent on the activity or exercise will allow your body to adjust and become more efficient during performance -Describe the advertising techniques (bandwagon, glittering generalities, plain folks, scientific evidence, and testimonial) · The bandwagon technique involves persuading people to do something by letting them know others are doing it.For example, "Everyone else has this product." or "Be part of the in-crowd." · The glittering generalities technique is a generalized statement that is exaggerated.For example, "Brand X contains greater whitening agents than Brand Y." · The plain folks technique implies there are no surprises or gimmicks because this product is for the common man.For example, "Just ask George." · The scientific evidence technique provides you the results of surveys or lab tests.For example, "Four out of five doctors recommend this product." · The testimonial technique uses the words of a famous person to persuade you to get the service or product.For example, "I use this shampoo, and it makes my hair beautifully manageable."

-Discuss consumer rights and responsibilities, including government regulations and Consumer Bill of Rights · The Federal Trade Commission Act safeguards consumers by creating guidelines for advertisers to follow. Guidlines follow as : be fair, be truthful and non deceptive, and have evidence to back up claims. · As a consumer you have rights. In 1962, John Kennedy introduced the Consumer Bill...
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