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Skill-Related Fitness: Project Option Three

My client is a rehabilitation client and a former athlete. He is very healthy and before breaking his leg in a very bad car crash, had excellent agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. He played multiple sports but mostly soccer, basketball, and swimming. After his injury, he is now trying to recover and regain his excellent fitness skills.

This client has been walking with crutches for almost 10 weeks now and is working to get off them. His agility skills have become very poor. He is fine balancing on the leg that is not broken. His coordination skills have no changed much and are still in good shape. He has much power in his upper body as a result from the accident, but has to work on his lower body. His reaction time is still on track with how it used to be before the accident. Although he his speed was superior prior to the accident, it is now very poor.

In order to improve these poor skills (agility, balance, power for the lower body, and speed), my client must go through a series of exercises that include walking, running, kicking, and skipping. These exercises will need workout clothes and shoes, but no specific equipment.

To restore and improve my client’s overall agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed, he must go through a series of four training exercises. To work on his agility, running between two cones that around about 100 feet apart will help to change directions quickly. To work on his balance, walking across a straight line with both arms spread out will help him stay upright on both legs. To work on his power, running up a hill will help to perform movement more quickly and forcefully. To work on his speed, the client should either run or swim everyday as a hydrotherapy.

This training plan will apply the principles of specificity, progression, overload (FITT principles), reversibility, and tedium....
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