Heat Transfer Through Jacket

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Heat Transfer Through Jacket


The objective of this example is to analyze heat transfer in a pilot plant using simulation models. The first step is to use pilot plant data to calculate heat transfer parameters. The second part involves using simulation models to examine the trade-off between jacket parameters and heating times.

Process Description

Assumptions: The stirred tank is assumed to be perfectly mixed. The contributions of agitator work, heat loss to environment, and evaporation to the energy and mass balances are assumed to be negligible.

Variables and Parameters: , Mass of bulk liquid; , heat capacity; , Temperature of bulk liquid; , flow rate of heat transfer fluid in jacket; , heat capacity of heat transfer fluid in jacket; , jacket inlet temperature; , jacket outlet temperature, , overall heat transfer coefficient times area.

Balance Equations:


Pilot Plant Data: The following data relating bulk liquid temperatures to the jacket temperature is available from pilot plant tests.

We want to use this information to determine the UA values for the stirred tank and to study the impact of jacket parameters on heating times.

Process Parameters

The process parameters and initial conditions for Example 1 are given in the table below.

(initial bulk liquid temperature)
(heat capacity)
kJ/kg K
(mass of bulk liquid in vessel)
(heat capacity)
kJ/kg K
(initial guess)
Jacket flow rate

Model Summary

DynoChem provides several utilities for characterizing vessels. These include a template for fitting heat transfer coefficients to test data. A customized template for this example is provided in the file TemplateFitUA.xls. The following information is entered under the Components tab, Process tab and Scenarios tab.

Components. Two components are defined for this example, the solvent in the vessel and the heat transfer...
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