Health Module Grade 7 Qt. 1 and 2

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Attaining holistic health should be everybody’s goal. At this point of your life you have many health concerns that need to be addressed. You need to develop all dimensions of your health. You also need coping skills to be able to face the challenges of adolescent life. Correct health information, a positive attitude, healthy practices and desirable coping skills will help you attain and maintain holistic health. Pre test Directions: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. A. The health dimensions are interrelated. However, some activities develop a specific dimension more than others. What dimension of health does each activity develop most? Write:


P S MS E M 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

for Physical health for Social health for Moral-spiritual Health for Emotional health for Mental health

Telling the truth Jogging around the park Listening to mood music Reading your favorite books Getting enough rest and sleep Eating a balanced diet regularly Going out with family and friends Respecting your parents and elders Sharing jokes with family members Playing chess, checkers, and Math games

B. There are changes that happen to boys and girls during puberty. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is wrong. _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ 1. Girls are taller than boys. 2. Girls’ hips become broader. 3. Voice change occurs among boys. 4. Boys become more aggressive than girls. 5. Muscle growth is faster in girls than in boys. 6. Boys reach the age of puberty earlier than girls. 7. Girls and boys experience rapid mental growth. 8. Boys and girls like to be alone more than to be with friends. 9. Changes that happen to boys and girls occur in all dimensions. 10. Menstruation and enlargement of breast occur at the same time.

C. Encircle the letter of your answer. 1. What will you do when you make a mistake? A. Cover it up. B. Admit your mistake. C. Pretend nothing happened. D. Hope that no one will find out. 2. How can unpleasant body odor due to active secretion of sweat glands be prevented? A. Change clothes more often. B. Shave the hair of the armpit. C. Use perfume to hide the odor. D. Take a bath regularly and use deodorant. 3. When seeking social support to cope with problems, which of the following will NOT help? A. Stay alone inside the room. B. Talk to a friend who can help. C. Ask advice from a responsible adult. D. Talk to someone to know more about the problem. 3

4. What coping skill is applied when you say, “I know I can do it”? A. Self-talk strategy B. Solving the problem C. Avoiding and denying D. Seeking social support 5. What skills will help you get along well with other people? A. Coping skills B. Decision-making skills C. Problem-solving skills D. Social and communication skills

6. Saying you are sorry when you hurt someone, means you _____. A. do not have to pay back. B. want the person to forgive you. C. want the person to feel satisfied. D. are too proud to accept your mistake. 7. A healthful way to show your friend you are angry is to _____. A. ignore him/her. B. stay away from him/her. C. tell others you are angry with your friend. D. tell your friend what he/she said made you feel angry. 8. The avoiding coping strategy should be used ______. A. as a last resort. B. for long-term issues. C. for short-term issues. D. as a substitute for other coping skills. 9. Moodiness among boys is often due to changes in the level of their_______. A. adrenaline. B. testosterone. C. growth hormone . D. estrogen hormone . 10. Poor posture among adolescents is due to_______. A. eating less healthful food. B. doing strenuous exercises. C. slouching due to their height. D. playing computer and video games. D. Directions: Put a check () if the statement relates to your practice or habit and (X) if it does not. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____...
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