Topics: Federal government of the United States, Federalism, United States Constitution Pages: 13 (4323 words) Published: June 12, 2013
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Course Syllabus
General Course information| I.         GENERAL COURSE INFORMATIONCourse Number:            POLS1800Course Title:                  Government of the United StatesCredit Hours:                  3Prerequisites:                  NoneDivision/Discipline:            Liberal Arts and Sciences/Political ScienceCourse Description:            A study of the Constitution of the United States and the organizations, powers, and functions of the national government. In addition, current problems and policy and the role of the individual will be studied.|  | |

COURSE AS VIEWED IN TOTAL CURRICULUM| II.         CLASSROOM POLICYStudents and faculty of Barton Community College constitute a special community engaged in the process of education. The college assumes that its students and faculty will demonstrate a code of personal honor that is based upon courtesy, integrity, common sense, and respect for others both within and outside the classroom.The College reserves the right to suspend a student for conduct that is detrimental to the  College’s educational endeavors as outlined in the College Catalog. Bartonline- Ange Sullivan, Assoc. Dean,, or 785-784-6606Students who officially drop a BARTONline course are entitled to a 100% refund of their enrollment fee only during the first seven calendar days of the course. It is the student's responsibility to drop a course by using the drop/add feature found on the students BARTONline home page.   No refund of fees is given after the first seven calendar days of online classes; the student is responsible for the total fees incurred.The College reserves the right to suspend a student for conduct that is detrimental to the College’s educational endeavors as outlined in the current College Catalog.For any educational needs to enhance learning or for any special needs, please inform your instructor as soon as possible.  Adjustments or enhancements of learning may be able to be incorporated into the course for improved student learning.  Anyone seeking an accommodation under provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act should notify Student Support Services.Plagiarism on any academic endeavors at Barton Community College will not be tolerated. Learn the rules of, and avoid instances of, intentional or unintentional plagiarism.Anyone seeking an accommodation under provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act should notify Student Support Services. III.         COURSE AS VIEWED IN THE TOTAL CURRICULUM    US Government is an approved general education course at Barton County Community College (BCCC), which can be used to fulfill degree requirements as a breadth social science course in the social behavioral sciences. This course transfers well and may be used to help fulfill credits and course requirements for general education at most Kansas Regent Universities. However, general education requirements vary among institutions, and perhaps even among departments, colleges or programs within an institution.

Also, the requirements may change from time to time and without notification. Therefore, it shall be the student's responsibility to obtain relevant information from intended transfer institutions during his/her tenure at Barton County Community College (BCCC) to insure that he/she enrolls in the most appropriate set of courses for the transfer program.|  | |

ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING / COURSE OUTCOMES| IV.         ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING/COURSE OUTCOMESBarton Community College is committed to the assessment of student learning and to quality education. Assessment activities provide a means to develop an understanding of how students learn, what they know, and what they can do with their knowledge. Results from these various activities guide Barton, as a learning college, in finding ways to improve student learning. This course is intended to teach...
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