U.S. Government

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1.Describe how the U.S. Constitution was formed. Use historical dates and references in your answer.

The Constitution was completed and adopted in Philadelphia on September 17, 1987. One of its main functions was to ensure the thirteen states became worked as one rather than following separate laws. Before the Constitution there was a weaker government that encompassed many problems and holes that needed ratification. This lead to a convention in order to create a stronger central government that would fix the issues the current government was facing.

This convention lead to the birth of the U.S. Constitution, which was and still is considered the supreme law. The Constitutional Convention was held at the State House in Philadelphia on May 14, 1778. Those who attended the convention were chosen by the state legislatures. Rhode Island and Providence Plantation both did not send deputies therefore, in total, only 11 of the 13 states were represented. But the deputies were of many different statuses. Some were lawyers while others were soldiers, planters, educators, ministers, physicians, financiers, and merchants so it was very unbiased and all types of people were represented.

At the convention the vote was unanimous, George Washington would run the show. Once they got passed all the conflicts and arguments over the final goals the final draft of the constitution was written in less than 100 days.

2.The U.S. government is a federal system of government. Explain what that means and how it differs from other forms of governance. Make sure to include information about how federalism impacts state governments. Our government is passed on federalism. Which means a government that shared its power between national, state and local governments. Our founding fathers wanted nothing to do with a centralized government and created the exact opposite, the federal government.

The government is broken down into three branches; Executive, Judicial, and...
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