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Topics: Samuel P. Huntington, Western culture, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: September 4, 2013
1. According to Snyder, when realism, liberalism, and idealism enter the policymaking arena and intellectual debate, they can sometimes become intellectual window dressing for simplistic worldviews. (1 point)

2. According to Snyder, each theory offers a filter for looking at a complicated picture, helps explain the assumptions behind political rhetoric, and acts as a powerful check on the others. (1 point)

3. According to Snyder, China’s current foreign policy is grounded in idealist ideas that date back millennia. (2 points)

4. To understand why change happens, Snyder suggests picking one theory and its explanation of change and ignoring the others. (2 points)

5. According to Snyder, one of the principal contributions that international relations theory can make is to predict the future, and thus make changing the world easy. (2 points)

6. Betts argues that three theoreticians offered models of the future that sought to explain the driving forces of world politics after the twentieth century, the century of warfare. (1 point)

7. According to Betts, Fukuyama argued that the final modern consensus on democracy and capitalism, the globalization of Western liberalism, and the "homogenization of all human societies" driven by technology and wealth, have brought about the “End of History.” (2 points)

8. According to Betts, Mearsheimer argued that international life will continue to be the brutal competition for power it had always been, and characterized the competition as tragic because countries end in conflict not out of malevolence but despite their desire for peace. (2 points)

9. According to Betts, Huntington’s main point in the “Clash of Civilizations” was that modernization is the same as westernization, and that other civilizations will accept Western values, such as social pluralism, the rule of law, the separation of church and state, representative government, and individualism. (2 points)

10. Betts concludes that the three...
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