Compare and Contrast of the Arguments in Huntington's "The Clash of Civilizations and Said's "The Clash of Ignorance

Topics: Civilization, Samuel P. Huntington, Culture Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Samuel Huntington has made famous his thesis "the clash of civilizations", which was developed in his article in Foreign Affairs in 1993 and in the book that followed, in which the author expanded his thesis and reaffirmed the validity of his theory after the success and controversy that followed the publication of his article. In fact, the “civilizational” approach of conflicts today is now intrinsically linked to a comprehensive theory of international relations, which Samuel Huntington has developed by giving it an important value and a dominant paradigm

Reacting to the theory of Fukuyama, Samuel P. Huntington resumed the expression "Clash of civilizations" in 1993 and speculates that it is mainly cultural and religious identities which will be the source of conflict in the world of the post-Cold War in the future. He bases his analysis of future conflicts on the concept of "Civilization" (as the highest stage of cultural identity). He argues that the clash of civilizations will dominate global politics and conflicts will be in Inter civilizations areas, like those that swept the former Yugoslavia, India and Pakistan, and many others. For Huntington, the two civilizations that arose as antagonists and competing in Western civilization are the Chinese civilization and Islam. In fact, he thinks that an Islamic junction ensures cooperation between China and Iran Pakistan, in the interest and for the benefit of China. In this perspective, Huntington argues that the shock West vs. Islam conflict will be the most destructive of the 21th century; in fact, a sort of Third World War, which must press the U.S to ensure Japan and Russia’ support, to counter the Islamic junction.

According to Huntington, the organization of the current unipolar world today is unsustainable and this equation between modernization and Westernization is a sham that hides the evolution of a multipolar and multi civilizational world. The assumption that the emergence of several poles...
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