Western Nations Should Not Impose Their Standards on Developing Countries

Topics: Middle Ages, Europe, Globalization Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Western nations should not impose their standards on developing countries

If we think about what is the West, what answers do we get? The West is the sunset, all that were born in the East is died in the West, the West is the darkness and the East is the light. And the paradox is that despite of all for historical reasons humanity used to think in terms of the West, takes cue from the West. What are the causes of Western predominance, what allows the West to dictate one’s terms to the rest of the world? If we analyze all the facts, we come to the conclusion that the West came to dominate because of its economic power, due to its high rate of growth. But what does the East have in opposition to the West? It is difficult to dispute the fact that at one time the East was much richer than the West, global trade in the Middle Ages was successfully developed in the East, there were major trade routes. But in today's world the mass media constantly full of oppositions West-East, rich - poor, developed - undeveloped. But why almost no one doesn’t have a thought that every country, whether Eastern or Western, is original, it has a certain way of development, and the imposition of something alien may lead to loss of identity, to the extinction of singularity. In this regard, the cultural diversity of the world may eventually disappear, and we will lose the cultural, historical and many other values of each particular country. How can we preserve the identity of each country in the world? I believe that this question should be the main agenda in the world. And the international community must do everything possible to find a solution and follow it.
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