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Topics: Strategic management, Strategy, Vertical integration Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: June 18, 2013
1. A company's competitive strategy deals with
2. The two biggest factors that distinguish one competitive strategy from another boil down to 3. Which of the following is not one of the five basic competitive strategy options? 4. A low-cost provider's basis for competitive advantage is 5. A low-cost provider's strategic target is

6. The two major avenues for achieving a cost advantage over rivals include 7. The essence of a broad differentiation strategy is to
8. Successful differentiation allows a firm to
9. A focused low-cost strategy seeks to achieve competitive advantage by 10. A company achieves best-cost provider status by
11. The competitive advantage of a best-cost provider is
12. The target market of a best-cost provider is
13. A company's menu of strategic choices to supplement its decision to employ one of the five basic competitive strategies does not include 14. The best strategic offensives entail
15. A blue ocean type of offensive strategy
16. The best targets for an offensive-minded company to target for attack include 17. The purposes of defensive strategies include
18. One very important advantage of a product-information-only Web site strategy is 19. Two big appeals of a brick-and-click strategy are
20. Outsourcing strategies
21. Vertical integration strategies
22. A strategic alliance
23. Experience indicates that strategic alliances
24. The difference between a merger and an acquisition is 25. Because when to make a strategic move can be just as important as what move to make, a company's best option with respect to timing is 26. Cross-country differences in wage rates, worker productivity, energy costs, environmental regulations, tax rates, inflation rates, and the like 27. Multi-country competition refers to industry and competitive situations where 28. In global competition

29. The primary strategic options for competing in foreign markets...
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