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Topics: Game theory, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: August 25, 2013
1.What are four alternative theoretical approaches to personal helping listed in your text? Ego psychology, behavioral practice, cognitive practice, and crisis intervention.

2. What are four basic steps identified by Parad, Selby and Quinian (1976) in crisis intervention that are designed to help the client return to pre-crisis level of functioning?

The search for the precipitating event and its meaning to the client. The search for coping means utilized by the client.
The search for alternate ways of coping that might better fit the current situation. Review and support of client’s efforts to cope in new ways; evaluation of results.

3.According to your text, what are the characteristics of informal networks? Size, Helpfulness, Intensity, Durability, Accessibility and proximity, Reciprocity,

4.In your text it states that “Professional linking does not consist of just suggesting a referral.” What is also involved? It also means making a good hook-up, including doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the client actually receives the needed aid. It calls for a wealth of knowledge about the community human services system: accurate, up-to-date information on policies, programs and procedures; contingencies and “loopholes”; and the costs and benefits of different options. The practitioner also needs to arrive at constructive working relationships with varied service agencies and institutions to actualize service outcomes. 5.What are some barriers to effective linkage mentioned in your text? Client’s lack of funds, restrictive eligibility requirements, or biased policies.

6.What is the goal of monitoring according to your text?
The goal of monitoring is to ensure that community supports are provided and that they enable the client to lead such a life (Raiff & Shore, 1993).

7.What are formal and informal monitoring as described by your text? Formal monitoring is more structured and standardized; instruments (forms, rating scales,...
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