Environmental Education

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Planet Earth is the only planet known to support life. The earth provides every living organism with food to eat, air to breathe, and water to drink. It also provides materials for shelter, clothing and other basic needs. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

Sustainable development
It is the proper use and management of out natural resources for the benefit of the present and future generations. It is well exemplified in the objectives of the Philippine Environmental (P.D. No. 1151) which are as follows: A. to create, develop, maintain and improve conditions under which man and nature can thrive in productive and enjoyable harmony with each other; B. to fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Filipinos; and C. to ensure the attainment of a quality environment that is conducive to a life of dignity and well-being. Sustainable development considers several factors. These factors include: A. Population

B. Stress on the Ecosystem
C. Society’s Investment in the Environment
The UNESCO Resourcebook on Environmental Education offers the following strategies that can be used: 1. Economic and environmental considerations in decision-making 2. Use of appropriate technologies

a. Machines are small and medium-sized
b. Human labor is favored over automation
c. Machines are easy to understand and repair
d. Production is decentralized
e. Factories use local resources
f. Factories use renewable resources whenever possible
g. Equipment uses energy and materials efficiently
h. Production facilities are relatively free of pollution i. Production is less capital intensive than conventional technology j. Products are generally for local consumption
k. Products are durable
l. The means of production are compatible with local culture 3. Proper land use planning
4. Resources must be properly priced...
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