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English 102
16 November 2011

NASA can be hope for a brighter future
Ever since humanity has been able to see stars there have been a dream to visit one, but it wasn’t until 1957, that mankind took the first big step to accomplish that dream. In 1957, Soviet sent their Sputnik 1 in to orbit around earth, and we entered the space age. NASA, the national Aeronautics and Space Administration were founded in 1958, when the Americans realized they were facing a space race of huge proportions. From the beginning NASA held only four laboratories with approximately 8000 employees, who previously worked for the former authority, NACA. Since that, NASA has grown to be one of the biggest employers in the public sector. In 1969, after big accomplishments from both U.S and USSR, the American astronaut, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. After that the U.S sent up five more manned crews to the moon, the last one in 1972. Since then, NASA has been a tremendous source of national pride. There has now been almost 40 years since NASA has sent people to the moon. What is NASA accomplishing today? Have the developments stopped completely? In the President Bush era several NASA projects started up, but became over budgeted and postponed. Since February 2006 NASA’s self-described mission is to “pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research”. NASA’s budget for fiscal year 2011 is around $18.7 billion — 0.5 percent of a $3.7 trillion federal budget, according to their website. Why spend billions of dollars exploring an uninhabitable environment, when many Americans don’t have health care? Isn’t it time for the government to cut back on the NASA spending? Or is the Space Program necessary in the future to be able to answer the cosmic questions of life, the unresolved questions that mankind is dealing with today: who are we? How are we unique? Why are we here? How did it all begin? Whether NASA should exist or not is an even more current topic these days after the housing bubble that burst in the United States, in 2008. The bursting bubble that put the U.S and most of the world in a deep recession, a recession the public know as the financial crisis. The U.S has been living over their needs for a long time now and the question is if the government can afford to have a Space Program for the moment. What are the options? Will the solution just be in black and white, either shut it down or let it live? Or is there another way around it, a third option? Can the private sector give NASA the boost it needs? Is Space research just a waste of money? The earth together with mankind will be facing several hard challenges in the future decades; NASA can be playing a very important role in this. (NASA) Jerry Degrot is sharing his beliefs in his article “Why the U.S government should cut down on its NASA spending” with arguments that a lot of the NASA opponents shares with him. That America needs to realize that it has to help itself before they can start to explore theoretical tomorrows. NASA is stuck in the 1960’s, which he backs up with the recent desire to go to Mars, mostly because China has the goal to do so as well, the same kind of space race that was going on between Soviet and USA at the Cold War era. Degrot means that it is time to stop the pointless tries in space, that expensive missions to the moon would be madness; especially because of the economic recession we are facing today. When disease, starvation and drought would need all the funds they can get. (Degrot) In Bob Deutsch’s argumentative article, “America needs space exploration to maintain its vision of itself” the cognitive anthropologist is explaining the importance of NASA to the American people, in order for them to realize its physical potential as explorer and player in an ever expanding frontier. That it is a program that will open up the ongoing down existence. That the opposition against the authority is blind, and...
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