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Why is good writing and speaking important?

English is the most important and famous language on this earth, most people of higher education speak it. I do not know why out of all languages. English is the one that decided to be world famous, maybe because English is in America and when people think America they think the land of the free. We all have fluent speakers and writers in every language as much as we have illiterate people. Most are actually in-between where there is some form of education but not much study. In order to write and speak well, you must learn how to read fluently with knowing every word in the vocabulary of your readings. When you read something and do not understand it, it might seem boring or very harsh to the point you do not want to read any longer. That is why you have to take it up on yourself to do more research on that “phrase”.

I have recently discovered the concept of understanding what you are reading in Malcolm X “Coming to awareness of language”. Malcolm X who was the average intelligent thug was indeed a person who took it up on themselves for higher education. This man not only read the whole dictionary while incarcerated but also copied the whole dictionary with punctuation marks and everything. Malcolm X was a revolutionist; he was not one for inaction as he claims in his autobiography. Having spent some time in jail he became so articulate that him reading made him not even focus the matter of him doing time he quoted “Months passed without my even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life.” I look up to that!

My English professor blessed me with an article about doublespeak. When you think doublespeak, you are most likely to brush it off as some lame word that you have to learn. I think doublespeak is the reason for most corruption in this world because most politicians come from a bloodline of intelligence; they have perfected the art of double speaking....
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