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PRESENTING IDEAS AND EXCHANGING OPINIONS Objective At the end of this unit, you should be able to- Communicate effectively in a group discussion Express viewpoints in a clear, effective and organised way Ask relevant questions and give useful feedback Respond appropriately to the opinion of others Introduction Discussion skills are important in students academic life. As students, you may need to conduct group discussions in order to complete your group assignments or you may need to get together to discuss your academic subjects. In order for the group discussions to be successful, it is essential that you are adequately prepared. In a discussion, you should use language appropriately as well as generate ideas effectively. Reasons for Discussion Discussions will help you to Express opinion Respond appropriately Think critically Listen to other people ideas Identify solutions to a particular problem Make decisions Increase your confidence in speaking Language Functions Used in Discussions Effective discussions involve the use of a wide variety of language functions which include Giving and asking opinions Expressing agreement and disagreement Expressing reservations Emphasizing a point Stating priorities Asking questions The following table illustrates some expressions used for the language functions mentioned above LANGUAGE EXPRESSIONS FOR EXCHANGING OPINIONS1Asking for an opinion What do you think of/about What are your views on How do you feel about Have you got any comments on (Name), I wonder if youd like to comment on (Name), would you like to give us opinion about (Name), whats your opinion about (Name), whats your reaction to (Name), how do you feel about 2 Giving an Opinion In my opinion Personally, I think that It seems to me As far as Im concerned As far as I can see Well, I must say that I think Im convinced that From my point of view With all due respect 3 Agreeing Thats right. Youre right. I think so, too. I agree with you. I definitely agree. I...
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