Did industrialisation lead to decline of the extended family and rise of the nuclear family?

Topics: Family, Extended family, Nuclear family Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Did industrialisation lead to decline of the extended family and rise of the nuclear family? (use item B) The view of a nuclear family is a functionalist view; it is the idea that the typical family ideal includes two heterosexual parents that has the male as the bread winner and the instrumental role whereas the woman was the expressive role. The Idea was that is nuclear family existed in most cultures and there was some form of it, and that it contributed to society through socialisation, teaching children the norms and values of society, stabilisation, the ability to stabilise personalities and emotional relationships within the family this would then help individuals cope in society, and finally a means of producing the next generation almost like a factory producing goods. According to Parsons the extended family is made up of several generations and members of kin, this was important In pre-industrial times since each member of the extended family served as a specified role, for example an uncle being a butcher and when in need of meat you would go to him and he would support you by giving you meant and in turn you might have to repay the favour in your services; the importance of the extended family was of great importance since other ways of getting basic services were almost non-existent, so when industrialisation came to be, it lead to structural differentiation. Structural differentiation was when other agencies took over the roles of family, for example during pre-industrial people would exchange goods and services among kin, roles were scripted rather than achieved, for example the network was highly based on the cooperation and support of extended kin who were specialised in a certain trade or area, this mean having higher dependency on other members of society thus geographical mobility was uncommon since the during pre-industrial time period there was an agricultural economy and the family members were the producers thus life without them would...
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