Topics: Family, Sociology, Gender role Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: December 29, 2013
Assess sociological explanations for inequalities between husband and wives

Domestic division of labour is referred to the roles that both men and women play in comparison to housework. There are 2 types of roles called conjugal roles and joint roles. Conjugal roles are where partners have different tasks within the family so there is a clear division of male and female roles. However joint roles is where partners share their roles so there is few divisions in the family making the household more symmetrical. Domestic division of labour has changed over time as it started with agriculture (pre industrialisation) then industrialisation which was the development of nuclear families and finally post-modern society. Functionalist sociologist parsons argues that the nuclear family roles are segregated. He believed that division of labour is based of biological differences so women naturally suiting to the caring role. He also believed the nuclear family was important for teaching children cultural values and discipline as well as structuring a Childs personality. Parson says a nuclear family is made of prove, warmth, security and support. Many feminists disagreed with his theory as they argued it took away women equalities. The women plays 3 main roles which are expressive: paid work, childcare and domestic labour and emotional work. These roles are usually referred to triple shift. The man plays an instrumental role meaning working, being the breadwinner (earns money to support family), achieving success and providing for the family. Young and Wilmot (1973) take a march of progress view of the history of the family. They see the family life improving for the members of the family by becoming more equal and...
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