Develop and Evaluate Strategies for Transport and Logistics Enterprises

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St. George College
Cnr Princes Highway and President Avenue
Kogarah, NSW 2217

Develop and Evaluate Strategies for Transport and Logistics Enterprises


Assignment 1

Maximum Marks - 50

Attempt all Questions

Due On: 06 May 2013


1. For a Transport and Logistics organisation that you are working for or are familiar with, analyse and evaluate its internal and external environment. (20 Marks)

2. Based on discussions in the class, assess and recommend strategies that this organisation could adopt, to maximise outcomes for itself, keeping in mind the changes within the transport and logistics environment. (30 Marks)


Total marks the assignment is worth and the weighting of this mark to the total marks for the unit:As per the Student Assessment Guide handed out at the commencement of this Unit.

Assignment length: 3000 words.

Use literature discussed in class to support your arguments.

Please use “Double Spacing” and font size 12, while writing the assignment.

Please insert a “Footer” on each page that includes, your name and page number in the format – “Page X of X”.

Assignments are to be submitted in hard copy format. Please do not e-mail and / or fax the assignment.


Please note that cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable practices and will result in a failure being awarded for the assessment item where cheating and plagiarism have taken place. All sources of information must be referenced properly. A failure will also be awarded to a person knowingly assisting another person to cheat.
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