Ran Diet

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Normandale Community College
HLTH 1107: Principles of Nutrition
Diet Analysis Assignment (70 Points)Due Date: _______________

1. Gain experience in keeping a food record and utilizing a computer data base 2. Collect and analyze food intake data and determine solutions for any shortcomings identified

1. This assignment must be typewritten. Please have both the question and your answer to the question. 2. The assignment must be in a two-pocket folder (reports in one pocket and Section A to G in the other pocket as explained below) 3. The completed diet analysis should be submitted in class on the due date indicated in the syllabus.

Part I. Create a 3-Day Food Intake Record
1. Record all foods, snacks and beverages that you consume on 3 consecutive days (include 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day). Do not include any vitamin, mineral or protein supplements that you are taking so that you can accurately evaluate your dietary intake. Use the food record forms posted on D2L under content and carry them with you all day so you can record your intake as you go along. View a sample food record on D2L.

2. Estimate amounts as closely as possible of each food item that ends up on your plate. Weigh, count food or use household measuring cups and spoons to estimate amounts and where needed refer to food labels to determine ingredients. For casseroles, soups or hot dishes, estimate the amount of each ingredient that ends up on your plate. To help you estimate serving sizes, use the Mypyramid.gov website, your textbook and servings on food labels.

3. Remember to separately list salt added to foods, sugar added to cereal and beverages, cream in coffee and margarine, butter, oils or gravies you add to foods.

*You will not be graded on what you eat so be honest with yourself

4. Perform Computerized Diet Analysis
i) Access the Diet Analysis Plus program online using the access code that came with your textbook. ii) Open the DA Plus program and select Create an New Profile and enter your personal information. iii) View DRIs and related nutrient goals on your profile screen iv) Click on Track Diet and then Select a Day from the calendar. Find food items on your food record in the program database for Day 1, 2 and 3. Be sure to enter each food and drink, the specific amount eaten and the meal (breakfast, lunch dinner or snack). Enter the days consecutively without skipping a day in between otherwise it might affect your averages. For foods that are not on their database, click Custom Food and Create New Food and enter all the nutrition information from your food label. v) Click on Reports, then select and print the following Reports from the menu listed; - Daily Food Logs, Intake vs. Goals, Macronutrient Ranges, Fat Breakdown & My Pyramid Analysis. - Make sure you print the 3-day average report so before you print each report, choose a start date and end date on the calendar provided (Check the dates at the top of each report to ensure it is 3 days). *I have posted the Diet Analysis Plus Student Guides provided by Cengage Learning on D2L under content. They are also very helpful and give you step by step instructions on how to use the DA program.

5. Complete Part II (Sections A to G) based on the analysis reports and place your completed assignment in a two-pocket folder following the format shown on the next page 3-DAY DIET ANALYSIS REPORTS FORMAT (6 points)

Your written report should be placed in a 2-pocket folder and in the following order. Place #1 and #3 in right pocket of your folder and #2 in the left pocket of your folder

1. COVER PAGE with your name, date and title of assignment (page 1)

2. REPORTS: Printouts in this order (in one folder pocket)

3 Daily Food Logs (one for each day)

Intake vs. Goals (3-Day Average)

Macronutrient Ranges (3-Day Average)

Fat Breakdown

My Pyramid Analysis


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