Crisis Situation Theories

Topics: Sociology, Learning, Crisis management Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Reaction Paper Assignment
Planning and implementing interventions of change, refers to the understanding of choosing goals and strategies with your client according to the person and place of his/her environment and specific situation to him/her. Social workers have the knowledge to develop the goals, select the methods used, and monitor and measure the progress. Once all the data from the client is collected, the client will work with the social worker on change oriented approaches that will assist with the goals set; families, individual or as a group. The changes should be a positive to empower the strengths of the client. The intervention will be one that is agreeable and attainable with the client that also addresses the problems. The goals should be compatible with the client’s cognitive, developmental stage, culture, values and beliefs. The goals that are implemented should be goals that also address the client to feel empowered; increase his/her self determination to make the changes. Once the goals are decided, the social worker and client can work together on how to implement the goals. Decide on positive ways to achieve his/her goals. The goal setting should also include specific conditions and time frame. This will provide an urgency for improvement and motivation for the client; rather than procrastination. The information and ideas I have learned more about while reading this assignment, was the intervention on crisis situations. A crisis situation can be a very stressful and challenging situation. When there is a crisis, many decisions, interventions, and behaviors need to be addressed; sometimes very quickly. Depending on the crisis, it can be extremely tense or very serious. Having a knowledge base to handle all crisis situations is very critical and could actually make a difference in a positive or negative way. Social workers need to be fully prepared at all times for the unexpected. Without proper knowledge of how to handle...
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