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Self-Assessment Score Sheet
Directions: Complete the following self-assessments: A Twenty-First-Century Manager, “TT” Leadership Style, Intuitive Ability, Conflict Management Strategies, Time Management Profile, Organizational Design Preference, and Which Culture Fits You?” These self-assessments are located in Week 1 of your course shell. Read the scoring narrative provided at the end each self-assessment and record your score in the appropriate area below. Then, read the interpretation narrative and write a brief interpretation of what your score means. Assessment: A Twenty-First-Century Manager

PMF Score: 6.5_____
Interpretation: That I’m initial aware of the importance of basic management foundations and have a willingness to strive to strengthen them throughout the work career.

Assessment: “TT” Leadership Style Assessment
“Transformational” Leader Score: _26____
“Transactional” Leader Score: _24____
Interpretation: This instrument gives as impression of your tendencies toward transformational and transactional leadership. The most successful leaders of the future will be strong in both T’s. While going through the questions I was having mixed feelings about which one to rank higher on, so I was glad with the outcome of not varying much.

Assessment: Intuitive Ability
Intuitive Score: _9____
Interpretation: That I need to pay more attention to the little details inside the box instead of always attempting to figure out the picture outside the box. As the quote stated if you hope to be better prepared for tomorrow, then it only seems logical to pay some attention to the use and development of intuitive skills for decision making.

Assessment: Conflict Management Strategies
Yielding tendency: ___
Compromising tendency: ___
Forcing tendency: ___
Problem-solving tendency: _____
Avoiding tendency: _____

Interpretation: Each has a role to play but the best overall conflict management approach is collaboration: only it can...
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