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For the purpose of this strategic marketing plan report, the chosen Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is Aquarelle Clothing Limited one of the various subsidiaries of CIEL TEXTILE LIMITED i.e. the holding company of the CIEL GROUP. In 1973, Sir Pierre Dalais a former executive of the group received the support of his administrative team to invest in a totally new industry namely the textile industry. With the acquisition of Floréal Knitwear Limited the company has given birth to the CIEL TEXTILE GROUP and the textile industry in Mauritius began mostly at the same period. In that same entrepreneurial context, the group continued with the acquisition and the incorporation of other companies namely Tropic Knits in 1988 and Aquarelle Clothing in 1994 respectively (Cielgroup 2013). Despite of very unfavourable external factors [i.e. global financial crisis] illustrated by a stagnant market activity in developed countries and a stronger local currency, CIEL TEXTILE LIMITED has shown toughness by increasing its market share and its operational profitability successfully. Today, the CIEL TEXTILE GROUP is a leading manufacturer and a major international player who now employs 17,000 people in four different countries (CIEL Textile Annual Report 2012).



A corporation according to Gabor (2004) is a separate private or public legal entity that aims at making profits. This form of business is of limited liabilities and the legal rights of the owners are separated from the business. CIEL TEXTILE LIMITED is a public Company incorporated and domiciled in Mauritius quoted on the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM) and listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the African Sub-Saharan region and the second largest woolmark knitwear supplier around the globe. Based in Mauritius Island, the group has implanted its production centres in China, Bangladesh, India and Madagascar and its production capacity has reached 30 million garments annually [see appendix 1]. The world-class multiproduct textile and clothing corporation operates as a regional one-stop-shop with completely vertically integrated business units from yarn spinning to finished products for ladies, men and kids wear. With its many years of experiences, global presence, strong teams, latest technologies and a continued efforts, the group is able to compete with well-known European producers and positioned itself as the “best alternative to China” (CIEL Textile Annual Report 2012).


CIEL TEXTILE GROUP is organised around three main clusters that are: Woven, Knits and Knitwear. It counts eight independent SBUs namely: Aquarelle Clothing, Floréal Knitwear, Tropic Knits, New Island Clothing, Consolidated Fabrics, Ferney Spinning Mills, Consolidated Dyeing and Fabrics Limited, Dyers and Finishers specialised accordingly in different business segments i.e. knits, spinning, bottoms, knitwear, shirts, weaving, dyeing and retail (CIEL Textile Annual Report 2012) [see appendix 2 & 3].

The Board of Directors is composed of the following people:

P. Arnaud Dalais (Chairman) P. Jérôme Lagesse
G. Christian Dalais Antoine Delaporte
Maurice P. Dalais Henri de Simard de Pitray
Roger Espitalier Noël (COO)Didier Merven
J. Harold Mayer (CEO)Alain Rey
Eddy Yeung Kan ChingJérôme De Chasteauneuf (Head of Finance)

The Board Committees are composed of the following people:

Corporate Governance, Remuneration And Nomination Committee: Henri de Simard de Pitray (Chairman)
P. Arnaud Dalais
Antoine Delaporte

-Audit And Risk Committee:
Alain Rey (Chairman)
Jérôme De Chasteauneuf
P. Jérôme Lagesse

NB: Further details pertaining to the key people are unfortunately not provided.


According to Jain et al (2012, 54), a business organisation’s shareholders groups are...
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