United States History Fact Sheet

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, The New Freedom Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: February 27, 2013
16th Amendment - allowed the government to levy taxes based upon a person’s income. 17th Amendment - gave voters the power to directly elect their senators 18th Amendment - established prohibition in the United States 19th Amendment - granted full voting rights to women

Alexander Graham Bell - patented the telephone in 1876
Bessemer process - was a method of steelmaking that burned off impurities in molten iron with a blast of hot air. Carrie Chapman Catt - became the president of NAWSA in 1900 Cooperatives - Organizations in which groups of farmers pooled their resources to buy and sell goods. Conspicuous Consumption - the free and public spending of great wealth in order to impress others Corporations – Company that sells shares of ownership, called stock, to investors in order to raise money. Direct Primary - A nomination election in which voters choose the candidates who later run in a general election. Elisha Otis - inventor of the elevator

Eugene Debs - Socialist Party candidate for president in 1912 George Westinghouse - invented a compressed air brake that became an important safety feature for the railroad industry, and worked with Nikola Tesla to develop a transformer to transmit Alternating Current over long distances Gilded Age - A description of American society in the late 1800s that is based on the image of corruption and greed lurking beneath superficial politeness and prosperity. Granger Laws - were passed to create state commissions to standardize rates for railroad freight and grain storage. Graduated Income Tax- Applied to higher incomes at a higher rate. Initiative – policy allowing voters to introduce new legislation. Jane Addams - social reformer who helped found settlement houses and promoted women's suffrage James Pendergast - Kansas City political boss who gained political support by providing special services to his African American, Irish American, and Italian American constituents Muckrakers - Investigative journalists and...
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