Checklist on How to Carry Out Marketing Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Citation Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: April 4, 2013
CHECKLIST ON ASSIGNMENT: THIS IS JUST A ROUGH GUIDE, BY NO MEANS AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST Firstly, thoroughly read your given course notes, text books and refer to wide sources of reference materials. Writing your assignment without referring to the above (reading widely and mastering/or understanding the business concepts) is an academic impossibility. Unfortunately, most of the assignments I’ve seen so far appear casual and not having the academic and scholarly rigor required. There is no short-cut- you have to read, read and read more- wide and deep!!! Q1: Using appropriate sources identify their existing marketing strategies and their value creation process. This is a situational Analysis question- Read, read and read more from your notes and text book chapters 1,2,3 and 7, 8, 9 •Remember a company’s strategies starts with top level management so looking at the company’s corporate strategy from its mission, vision, values •check and understand internal analysis tools used to set a competitive advantage(MOV/RBV/VCA) thoroughly •Ansoff’s 4marketing strategies for growth- you have to quote from sources thoroughly, which ones is the company pursuing? •BCG and how it is managing its product portfolio etc

The company’s Marketing objectives- refer to class notes given •Marketing mix decisions
Read and Apply as many case studies as you can from the text book that can strengthen your work •Its STP process- WHO ARE ITS CUSTOMERS, HOW DO THEY TARGET AND POSITION THEIR BRANDS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS ETC-read and read more Q1 (b): Research, analyse and evaluate the key strengths and weaknesses of their existing marketing strategy. NB: Not just a SWOT but analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies you have discussed above in Q1 Part 2: Using appropriate theories (and real life/academic case studies) suggest alternative strategic approach for increasing their market share, profitability, value creation, and sustainability- NB: this is not just a simple...

References: as discussed in class. Variety is key, and the more scholarly and scientific, the better. We discussed quoting in the text of the body of the assignment as well as putting references at the end of your work in the reference section.
If lost, do look at end of each chapter in Hollensen for reference style or other text book- for the Harvard method required.
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