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Mini Research Paper

Mini Research Papers involve doing an in‐depth study, survey, or evaluation of one or more topics . A research paper may examine the use of specific evidence in one or more application areas. A research paper must relate to one or more of the topics discussed in class (or in this case, a video), but must not be simply a summary of the material covered in the video. The goal of such a "research project" is to go beyond class material, video, etc.; examine the topics in a much more in‐depth manner.

Students are required to select any three videos (excluding Episode # 1) and include: 1.Review the underlying ethical/moral issue that is being reviewed in the entire episode; 2.Research the philosophical positions as discussed in the video and discuss them; 3.What is your personal opinion? Why? What are your arguments and basis for your position? Cite any research, e.g., books, journals, that led you to this opinion. 4.Do you believe that factors such as gender, age, religion, birthplace, community will generate differing positions; or regardless of variables, there will a majority of people that will agree with your opinion/ 5.Does a decision have to always be YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE? Can there be an effective compromise that everyone will be more comfortable with? 6.Perhaps conduct a survey of about 10 people and record their viewpoints and reasons.

The evaluation of the papers will be based on thoroughness (including adequate coverage of relevant issues/techniques as well as references to the related work), soundness (including justification for any claims made, illustrative example, correct and adequate analysis of connections or relationships among concepts or techniques), clarity/organization, and significance (defined by the degree to which the paper covers new material, and the extent of the original work by the author in drawing conclusions and synthesizing scholarly work in this area). Note that the paper must not simply be a...

References: Cited section. Please draw the references from scholarly, academic or professional journals. Citing resources like Wikipedia is not acceptable. Citing and formatting information correctly in your assignments will help you do so easily on your final paper and get a better grade. Include an appropriate in text citation and reference list using APA style (
Brooklyn College Online Library Resources:
Please refer to the Brooklyn College Online Library Resources for important links to resources that will help you write an effective research paper:
Ask a Librarian: Choose from a variety of methods to contact a BC librarian for help, including technical help with logging in or using a database, suggestions for more effective research, etc.
Research Databases: Connect to library databases by title or use the Search by Subject area to choose from the resources that the library recommends, including databases for journal articles, books, e‐books, and Web sites. There are tools on Blackboard.
Important Deadlines & Due Dates:
Please ensure that you formulate an independent statement of research plan including research
objectives and research strategy. Save your research paper with your last name, first name and followed by the initials Vid#. Example: If John Smith were submitting his assignment, he would save it as SmithJohnVideo3.doc.
Prior to emailing to, verify that the subject line contains: Last Name, First Name, 2820, Section, date. This brief research paper is due no later than 11:59 PM EST of MARCH 27, 2014, @ 11:59PM. The instructor will review each individual submission and provide feedback & comments if submitted before MARCH 16, 2014. Make sure to save your paper as a commonly readable file type like Microsoft Word (.doc). The paper will be graded in accordance with the rubric referenced in the course syllabus.
Late submissions will NOT be grade
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