Chapter 15

Topics: Charles I of England, Charles II of England, Glorious Revolution Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Chapter 15 FRQ Thesis Statements

1. In shaping the course of the Thirty Years’ War, the relative importance was influenced both by religious rivalries such as the threats proposed between Calvinism and Catholicism, and dynastic ambitions like the desire to confront the threats of the growing Hapsburg power and the vision to expand one’s own power within the empire. a. Threat to Calvinism:

(1) The Peace of Augsburg excluded Calvinism= sparked tension (2) When Ferdinand succeed the throne he refused to honor Rudolf II’s promise for Protestant toleration (result = Defenestration of Prague) (3) Bohemians then declared Ferdinand deposed and replaced him with Fredrick II (Calvinist) and he accepted the crown= act of defiance/ sparked anger in Catholics b. Threat of Hapsburg Power

(1) France and Sweden joined an alliance in attempt to weaken Hapsburg power (2) Cardinal Richelieu brings in France alone to weaken Hapsburg power (3) Both Catholic and Protestant princes went against the Hapsburgs by dismissing Wallenstein in 1630 to protect their independence

c. Desire to expand one’s own power
(1) The prince’s forced Ferdinand to have Albrecht von Wallenstein executed after recalling for his assistance at the Battle of Lützen because they wanted to have no threat against their independence so that they could have more influence in the empire. (2) Cardinal Richelieu also wanted to take over the province of Alsace from the HRE (3) Richelieu also wanted to plot against the Spanish Hapsburg king Philip IV in order to increase his own influence 3. Within the succession of James I and the Glorious Revolution, the role of Parliament in England was presented with a series of alterations including being neglected due to the idea of ruling by absolutism, being diminished altogether by Oliver Cromwell, and finally being restored and receiving it’s power back by William of Orange. a. absolutism

(1) James I believes that he is given power from God directly and tries...
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